Alice in Washington, a textile art series I created in the 1990's, is a tour of Washington D.C. as a trip down the Rabbit's hole. Politics and Wonderland's whimsy were entwined using fabric, and a variety of fabric image transfers. I enjoyed creating subtle and not so subtle vignettes. Some of the pieces focused on whimsical diversion, while others provided discovery through juxtaposition. To me D.C. has a unique rhythm of its own: a set form and pattern merged with the unpredictable; a serious aspect combined with the not so serious. My intent in working through the collection is to provoke thought and to generate a few chuckles. My grandfather, John M. Cummings, was a political columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer. I think he would have appreciated my bent. None of the artwork is intended to be inflammatory. My purpose in creating it is to compel the viewer to think about the political process and their part in it.

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